one kid, one roll, once per month

I find the best time to capture my son is when he doing something he loves and with his friends. Spring break was perfect for creating images of him skim boarding, recording with his go-pro, and just enjoying being a teen. 

Warning, film geek talk follows.  I really like the vibrant colors of this film for the beach and plan to keep experimenting with it over the summer. These were shot at +1 but plan on shooting the next one at box speed for some less red skin tones. My son is already quite tanned so this stock may be better suited for my daughter when she comes home craving the sun.  I also realized that I want to get closer and need an underwater camera. Manual focus is hard but getting better so long as I'm not too far from my subject.   Slowing down is an absolute must and what I love most about the process. Although sometimes I forget I'm shooting film, click a little too quickly and end up with a tent growing out of my son's neck.   (Canon AE1-P, Ektar100, The Find Lab)

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