you are in charge of your image making

This is your photo, it is what you see and want to create - you are in charge of your image making and then he waited for my son to direct him.   That was the advice photographer Ben Hood gave my 13 year old son at World Wide Instament.  Yes, my heart was over-filled with gratitude for those words. 

Last month my son sweetly agreed to accompany me to the West Palm Beach Instameet hosted by Ben and Rebekah Hood of Kalima Photography and SubCulture Coffee.  I can’t say enough awesome things about them (and the iced latte).  Needless to say I was the oldest in the crowd and we did not know anyone there yet felt completely comfortable and welcomed by them and their friends.  A few days after the event my son said to me "Mom, I want you to take a picture of me here" as he held out his hand to see the quality of light and began discussing the shadows.  So thank you Ben for inspiring my son to notice the light around him, just the other day he mentioned he wants his own film camera.

You can follow them on instagram @benisrad and @kallimap and take a class from them here.


Above film images taken on Canon AE1-P, Ektar 100 - dev by The Find Lab.

My son created the following images on his iPhone 5c.  - #wpbinstameet #wwim11