ode to my canon 50D

You served me well for 6 1/2 long years.   Ever faithful no matter how many times I cursed your cropped view and noisy personality.  It was because of you I learned that it really wasn’t about you it was me.   You pushed me to learn, to step back and take it all in, to slow down, to find the best scenario with our limitations – we pushed each other to be better.

I have committed to what I believe in, “no camera in the world will make up for our shortcomings in creativity and in the areas that the human mind and heart resonate”[1] – but you are showing signs of needing a rest and the time has come for us to part ways. 

Thank you for these final images taken over Thanksgiving weekend, 2014

To see the entire gallery please go here

To see the entire gallery please go here

[1] duChemin, David. (2015 April 14). You Matter More