be your own yardstick

Tangible growth is measured in many ways, measuring your child’s height with markings on a wall and birthday candles celebrating another year of life are but a few. How about artistic growth?  

The first set of images is from 2 years ago. At the time I took these I vividly remember being stuck. Stuck with only shooting during the perfect hours of the day, and stuck wanting to create images that I loved. Tired of those blown out skies, I turned on my flash (gasp!) and took some shots to document our time at the strawberry field.  Three months later I discovered Light & Life by Kellie Hatcher at The Define School.  It was the missing chapter of every photography class, book, and blog post I had read.   

Fast forward almost 2 years - we went back to the strawberry fields in the middle of the day and I didn’t take photos.  Instead I made artistic choices, broke some photography rules, and created intentional images of what I saw that day with my heart.   Do I think I’ve figured it out and mastered it? Not a chance.  Did I have to quiet the noise in my head asking will anyone look at this and see the growth I see?  Absolutely.  Even as I click publish I am pushing those thoughts aside. 

While I may cringe when I look back, I also see where I am now and where I want to go.  I see effort and mistakes, and I see growth.   They are my yardstick, I measure today to yesterday, to last month, to last year and ask myself what is different, better, and always what’s next.

Be your own yardstick.