sippy cups and wine

There were no sand pails and shovels, swim floaties, “are we there yet” pleas from the back seat, sippy cups, meltdowns or naps (well the Dads maybe napped) and “watch me mom” pleas from the shore.  No moms stood by the pool holding out the towel negotiating an exit strategy to get their kids out of the water. However, sunscreen warnings were frequently given.  With the staples packed, tequila, rum, wine, beer, cigars and a pizza float, we were ready for summer vacation. 

Many things change as our kids get older and the family vacation is not immune.  When my oldest left for college 3 years ago there were many things that I anticipated changing, but planning vacation around her summer internships was not one of them. With every year our time together is more limited, making the family vacation a tradition we are tightly holding onto. This past summer our families decided on a beautiful beach house situated right on the sand with access to jet skis, banana boats and paddleboards.

Although a part of me misses the days when a lop-sided sand castle impressed them, long talks over wine with my daughter is a pretty cool trade off.  You know times have changed when you look over to the kitchen and find your teenage son preparing to grill a delicious dinner and your friend’s daughter baking, from scratch, always, a berry cobbler for dessert. There will always be things that remain the same, like moms getting a bit hysterical for driving the boat too fast, reminders to hydrate, and “where’s my … sunglasses, towel, charger, keys.”  

I wonder what our family vacation will look like in 5 years, 10 years.  For now, I’m counting the days until we are all together for Thanksgiving.


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907 miles apart

…we’re 907 miles away from each other…you will always be yourself, Alyson, my Sis, … and most importantly my friend.
— William

Siblings, almost 7 years apart, never in the same school together and always in different phases of life.  She begins her senior year in college as he begins his freshman year in high school.

He has taught her patience and kindness and she has taught him to never give up and be your own person.

And then there is me. Somedays I wish they weren't so far apart in years and miles and I worry about all those things that keep us up at night.  Will they continue to develop a bond? Will it stick? Will they be there for each other when they aren't physically a part of each others day to day? 

And then I get a text, "Mom, did you see his post on Instagram?"  

I'm a lucky mom.