one kid, one roll, once per month

Finally, a few of my daugther to add to this project from her visit in June.   She arrived a few minutes past midnight just in time to surprise him on his 14th birthday!  

Portra 160, Canon AE1-P and Yashica Mat 124g 

Film Geek Talk:  The last two are from my first attempt shooting medium format on the Yashica Mat 124g. It was quite a challenge to line up the shots and get focus.  My son helped by telling me how crooked I was holding the camera 99% of the time. But then there were a few like the one of him with his board that give me hope.  I'm at a loss how that one is in focus as I couldn't see a thing thanks to the Florida sun glare and then totally missed it on the last one.  

Next up is my friend and super talented photographer Lauren Keim at Still + Life.