one kid, one roll, once per month

To my kids, thank you for being my muses. You have given me some of the most meaningful images throughout this year.  As I have captured you I have also grown with you, noticing your subtle similarities and embracing your individuality.  


When I joined this project, I didn't think the growth of my older kids would be evident as those captured by my peers of their little ones.  In my first post she had recently returned from a semester abroad and now finds herself fully immersed in the world of networking as a young adult while interning and beginning her last semester of undergrad. My son had just turned in his high school registration and is now half way through his freshman year. He is learning to juggle the demands of a more rigorous academic schedule alongside playing sports and discovering new interests.  It is equally parts scary and exciting for them both. 

Thank you Jen for this project, and to all my film friends for the inspiring imagery and words. Month after month, I enjoyed watching your children grow bringing back many sweet memories of my own children growing up.   Please continue the blog circle with the always lovely images by my friend, Lauren at Still + Life.  




Film Geek Talk: Images of my son are from a point and shoot taken on Fuji 200 in July.  Images of my daughter were taken during an October trip to Washington, DC with a new to me Canon Elan on Portra 400.