one kid, one roll, once per month

He is an observer, a thinker, and goodhearted. Once shy as a little boy he has grown into a funny and charming teenager. There is a creative side to him I like to think is a little bit of my Dad and I.

In the past year he has grown at least a foot in height and an un-measureable amount from within. These years have passed quickly.  Last week he turned in his high-school class request form and talks about getting his driver’s permit in a year. I’m not ready.  I ask if he would be scared to fly alone to visit his sister and secretly hope he would say yes.  He said no.   The days of walking the golf course with him while he practices are nearing an end.  I can already feel the "Mom, really you don't need to come" as I tell him to go ahead and I fall behind. 

My son brings a sense of peace to me.  These images reflect how proud I am of the young man he is becoming. 

Please continue the blog circle by heading over to my friend and wonderfully talented film photographer, Carrie Geddie Raleigh Family Photographer.  Trust me, you won't want to miss the cuteness overload of her twin boys. 

(Canon AE1-P | Fuji 400h | The Find Lab)