one kid, one roll, once per month

This year I decided to make shooting more film a goal and joined a group of talented film photographers in a monthly film project, One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month.  I may have cheated by capturing my daughter over a few days but in my defense she will not be home until the summer. 

She is now in her third year of college.  Some days I really can't wrap my head around that fact. Three years ago she graduated high-school ready to take on the challenges of leaving home, college and internships.  She was ready.   I walked around in a bit of a high that May.  Then in August, days before flying with her to DC, I took note of the empty spaces in her room, the boxes and luggage filled to capacity, and I couldn't help feel a little sad.  My first, leaving for college. I knew this day would arrive only I expected she would stay in State and we would see her more often.  I didn't have one of those "where did the time go" feeling - I was grateful for all the late nights I stayed up listening to her stories, the constant driving her everywhere, and even the mother-daughter conflicts.  Yes, all of it.   During those days in DC, I watched her navigate the metro, show us around the city and noted how comfortable she felt in her new surroundings. I found myself in awe of my daughter as I have many times over the years.  

The visits home have become fewer and far between with study abroad and summer internships claiming her time. During her recent visit I created these film portraits for me.  Portraits of the young woman she has become, always confident, levelheaded, and a relentless drive to pursue her passions.  

These will have to do until summer.

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(Canon AE1-P | Fuji 400h | The Find Lab)