They may or may not make a living by photography, but are alive by it. - Robert Adams
 photos captured by my Dad, circa 1970s

photos captured by my Dad, circa 1970s

My Dad was the family historian either taking photos or creating home movies.   I recall him looking at his prints sometimes with a puzzled look on his face and other times eager to show us what he captured.  He was self-taught, reading a manual written in a language he didn’t quite understand and a lot of trial and error.

I didn’t realize my passion for photography until he was gone.  I took photos of my kids to document their height, birthdays, vacations and first days of school, but the desire to capture something more past the smiles didn’t come until many years and thousands of photographs later.

This need for more  has led me to take photography classes, frequent art museums, and  look back at my childhood photos. While spending time with images my father captured, I began to see a part of him that I never really knew.  I found myself wondering how the images I create today may mean more than I could ever imagine.

I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, and artist.  Through photography I let go of the logical part of myself and seek the gray.  It balances me. Welcome to my space where I share my journey through creating  images of life with the ones I love.